I′ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world climbing mountains, paddling rivers, and jumping off hills, and I′d always taken photographs to record my adventures. But that was all those photographs were, snaps - a simple record of where I′d been and what I′d been doing. I was always disappointed when I got my prints back - they never matched my memories of the places I′d visited.

A few years ago I fell out the sky and hurt myself quite badly, and found I couldn’t continue to do the things I loved. I found myself looking for something more sedate to fill my time, and photography seemed to fit the bill perfectly, but this time I was determined to take images that were more than just a snap, I wanted images that conveyed the reasons I loved the great outdoors.

Gradually I began to take more and more time over my images, and I quickly moved from a point and shoot, to a DSLR, and a hundred weight of accessories. When I was back in (almost) working order I was keen to get back into the hills, but this time however, to take photographs, and if that meant climbing a mountain then so be it. I now wasn’t going out to climb mountains for the love of climbing as such, but for the love of taking photographs of the scenery around me. I’ve now been serious about my landscape images since 2007, and have seen my development as a photographer grow with each trip.

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