Snow at last...

January 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

A quick trip to my local woods to get an image of this scene with a covering of snow.

I didn’t want to hang around too much this afternoon as I thought I might get stuck in the car park! It was a shame really as there was some nice images to be made - roll on tomorrow..

This image was taken about 20 metres from the car park and i'd taken a similar composition earlier in the year when the autumn colours where at their height.

I was initially drawn to the simplicity of the background - a snow covered holly bush. This offset the silver birch trees and the last remnants of some beech leaves very well. I also quite like the sprigs of bracken poking out the snow...

Further into the wood there is a small "heath" like clearing with a few scattered Caledonian Pine trees, several with large low hanging branches.

The blanket of snow on the ground acted like a giant reflector and the colours and patterns of the branches seemed to glow in this reflected light.

This is another shot of the same tree this time looling almost straight up the main trunk.



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